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excellent customer service

Seems to work ok as long as I keep in in my mouth otherwise I would have given a 5. They resolved without hassle a problem that was all on me so their customer service is great otherwise I would have given a 3.

I wish they came in different sizes but it does work as far as lessening snoring . But I have TMJ and clenching and having my jaw forward slightly has caused spasms and pain in my jaw . Also I am a bit alarmed that in sleep , if your tongue moves you can occlude the opening , which is small . The device is all one piece which is necessary in order for it to work .
It definitely works for snoring but because of the TMJ , not sure it’s for me .

Ralph Johnson

I would like to give you my opinion except I haven't received your product to give you my thoughts.

It worked, but not using.

It worked, I didn't snore. However, I couldn't close my mouth around the mouthpiece. It made me drool. When I did use it (about 5 times), and took it out after appx. 5-6 hours, it seemed to change my bite. It scares me what it is doing to my normal bite and jaw. So no longer using it.


Everything was great except I do not think you gave me the added 15% discount that I asked for. The code wast next15 or something like that. I’m a first time buyer.

Would happily review this product if had arrived....I have yet to see my order.
Please advise. Thank you. Laurie Hamilton

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Works great!!!

I use this every night and it works great. I get a much better sleep and wake up well rested.

It totally works but...

According to my partner I no longer snore (or very rarely so anymore) which is awesome, but I have found that after the first week or two, it no longer keeps my jaw in place...I tried to re-mold it, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. I also feel like I wake up often during the night because my mouth becomes so dry...


Great product, has stopped my snoring

Must of made it too soft.

When I fished out of the hot water, it stuck to glass and became deformed and stuck to itself. Looks like a wad of chewed bubble gum. Unusable.

Mouth Guard

It is too big for my mouth. Unable to use. One size does not fit all!

I am still anxiously waiting on my purchase,when I receive it I will send a review

Sleep Rx Mouth Piece.

I would love to give you a rating for this purchase. However I have not received this mouth piece as yet. I will be happy to comment once I have received this item. Thankyou

Troubled sleeper

Just ordered the SleepRx.

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

When we get them I will be happy to fill out a review

Anti-sleep apnea mouthpiece

I have had one for two years and it's fantastic! It wore out so I ordered two new ones and it has cured me 90%

It has not arrived yet. So I’ll let you know.


My wife said I have stopped snoring.

Very helpful and easy directions

Overall a good product, easy to prep and comfortable. Took a couple of nights to get use to.

Live saver

I think this is a great product and made a huge difference in my sleep and rest time.

Thank you

Incredible check out process

The best check out process I’ve come across online. 1 click to purchase, 1 click to pay via Apple Pay, thumbprint and done! Delightful experience aided by the Apple Pay integration. Nice work!

Peaceful sleep

Had a friend who got a high priced mouth piece that really helped him stop snoring. I'm a periodic snorer but when traveling and sharing a room with a friend I don't want to chance keeping them awake. It took a few nights to figure out how not to drool :) but my travel buddy told me I did not snore when wearing and the night I didn't wear it I did. So I guess it works!