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It has not arrived yet. So I’ll let you know.


My wife said I have stopped snoring.

Very helpful and easy directions

Overall a good product, easy to prep and comfortable. Took a couple of nights to get use to.

Live saver

I think this is a great product and made a huge difference in my sleep and rest time.

Thank you

Incredible check out process

The best check out process I’ve come across online. 1 click to purchase, 1 click to pay via Apple Pay, thumbprint and done! Delightful experience aided by the Apple Pay integration. Nice work!

Peaceful sleep

Had a friend who got a high priced mouth piece that really helped him stop snoring. I'm a periodic snorer but when traveling and sharing a room with a friend I don't want to chance keeping them awake. It took a few nights to figure out how not to drool :) but my travel buddy told me I did not snore when wearing and the night I didn't wear it I did. So I guess it works!

G'day SleepRx
After placing and paying for my order, delivery followed within ten days. However, I have since received a second delivery which duplicates the original delivery.
Please advise what you would lije me to do in regards to the duplicate.
Athol Warman


I could use a bigger breathing hole. I am in the process of weaning myself off the CPAP machine. Currently issue both the mouth piece and machine. At first i could not sleep, now I can. I could use a bigger mouth piece, it feels like it wants to come out ...dave

just ordered..havent received...very nice an orthodontist am hope ill be recommending...

just waiting to try


According to phone app SnoreLab, SleepRx works. No more snoring!

Snore No More!!!

So far so good!

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

I haven't received anything yet but you keep asking for a review

I think is a great product and I would buy it again my wife said no more snoring. Thank God

When do I get my replacement ??????

Making life much better

Easy to mould into perfect shape.
Life is so much better now that my partner & I are getting a good night's sleep!

Great nights sleep

Not only did I get a good nights sleep, so did my girlfriend.


Great thanks

online purchase

it was very easy

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Best Ever!!

Best thing ever!!! Wife says I no longer snore like a bear riding a motorcycle carrying a chainsaw!!! Very comfortable to wear and didn't take much adjusting to get used to it.

SleepRx purchase

Online process easy to use. Very informative. Useful user comments. Selected SleepRx because of price and ability to set mouthpiece to my specific size.