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SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

SleepRX review

According to my husband it works great. There is still a little bit of snoring but a 90% improvement which makes me very happy. I found it a bit cumbersome and awkward to get used to the first night but don't even notice it anymore. I do find that I need to get a drink of water a few times during the night because it does make my mouth very dry but I don't mind. I'm definitely glad I purchased it and would definitely recommend it.

SleepRX review

So far, so good.
Fairly comfortable sleeping with it.
It stays in place, too

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Grandkids love it

I have snored for years and tried several things. None worked. Bought this and did as the directors said. Used it the first night the grandkids stayed all night. Well my my my the kids did not have to wake me and say “ grandma your snoring so loud I can’t hear the tv.” It works. My teeth hurt the first few days because I was biting down on it while sleeping and you will Drool some but it’s worth it

Sleep Rx

I bought this to eliminate snoring. For the most part it has. The wife says I occasionally snore with it. I'm assuming that it's because I'm asleep and not buying down on it. She also complained of a slight whistle when I first started using it. Could have been my nasal passages or it I don't know. It's a little uncomfortable to start but you kind of get used to it. If you can sleep with it in your mouth and your mouth closed it works best. All in all I think it was a success. She complains a lot less about my snoring and we both get some sleep. Now if I can find one to fit the dog I think we will all be able to sleep!!!!

Having great results!

I have had Sleep RX mouth guard for 2 weeks and have noticed I have been getting a good nights sleep. My wife has noticed my snoring has been reduced significantly. I have not woken up with a headache or have had to hit the snooze bar several times prior to getting out of bed. I prefer sleeping on my side and occasionally the mouth guard does fall out. My only suggestion is making the breathing hole a little bigger. I have had a stuffed up nose due to a recent cold and could use a little more air flow, it may be the reason the guard has fallen out.

This works!

I started snoring quite loudly a few years ago. I decided to try the Sleep Rx first after reading some great reviews. It actually works and only took a couple days to get used to it!

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

excellent customer service

Seems to work ok as long as I keep in in my mouth otherwise I would have given a 5. They resolved without hassle a problem that was all on me so their customer service is great otherwise I would have given a 3.

I wish they came in different sizes but it does work as far as lessening snoring . But I have TMJ and clenching and having my jaw forward slightly has caused spasms and pain in my jaw . Also I am a bit alarmed that in sleep , if your tongue moves you can occlude the opening , which is small . The device is all one piece which is necessary in order for it to work .
It definitely works for snoring but because of the TMJ , not sure it’s for me .

Ralph Johnson

I would like to give you my opinion except I haven't received your product to give you my thoughts.

It worked, but not using.

It worked, I didn't snore. However, I couldn't close my mouth around the mouthpiece. It made me drool. When I did use it (about 5 times), and took it out after appx. 5-6 hours, it seemed to change my bite. It scares me what it is doing to my normal bite and jaw. So no longer using it.


Everything was great except I do not think you gave me the added 15% discount that I asked for. The code wast next15 or something like that. I’m a first time buyer.

Would happily review this product if had arrived....I have yet to see my order.
Please advise. Thank you. Laurie Hamilton

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Works great!!!

I use this every night and it works great. I get a much better sleep and wake up well rested.

It totally works but...

According to my partner I no longer snore (or very rarely so anymore) which is awesome, but I have found that after the first week or two, it no longer keeps my jaw in place...I tried to re-mold it, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. I also feel like I wake up often during the night because my mouth becomes so dry...


Great product, has stopped my snoring

Must of made it too soft.

When I fished out of the hot water, it stuck to glass and became deformed and stuck to itself. Looks like a wad of chewed bubble gum. Unusable.

Mouth Guard

It is too big for my mouth. Unable to use. One size does not fit all!

I am still anxiously waiting on my purchase,when I receive it I will send a review

Sleep Rx Mouth Piece.

I would love to give you a rating for this purchase. However I have not received this mouth piece as yet. I will be happy to comment once I have received this item. Thankyou