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SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Best Ever!!

Best thing ever!!! Wife says I no longer snore like a bear riding a motorcycle carrying a chainsaw!!! Very comfortable to wear and didn't take much adjusting to get used to it.

SleepRx purchase

Online process easy to use. Very informative. Useful user comments. Selected SleepRx because of price and ability to set mouthpiece to my specific size.

This SleepRx has worked the best out of any I’ve tried

so far so good

I just tried it last night, takes a little getting use to but if it can help me not snore i am all about it.

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Sleepless members

Can't wait for your product! Heard great things about it. Now I need to convince family no more sleepless nights for them? Very excited can't wait to receive it. Will update on progress!

My wife loves this thing

I have been using devices like these for years. My wife claims they have saved our marriage. I have been using the SleepRx for a week now and so far I like it even better than its competitors products. I have used a couple of generations of similar products from 2 different competitors and the SleepRx fits better and is more comfortable. It is actually half the price of one of them. So far I am very happy with my choice. So is my wife!

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard (2 Pack)

Customer Satisfaction

l am a senior citizen, age 73, and this has been a satisfactory experience. Normally online ordering and final receipt of items ordered can be a nightmare.1
So l am very happy with your service. Thank you.

Very good service. The mouth guard works great as advertised. Very pleased with results.

New User -February 2019

The product came quickly and as advertised. Instructions were east to follow to custom mold the mouth piece. The mouthpiece was east to get used to sleeping with. Wife says it has reduced my snoring but not eliminated it completely. Worth the price so far.

Mouth piece

Very very good i must say thanks to a company like this. Thanks again


My quality of life has improved immensely since my husband started using this product. Highly recommend!!!

Sleep to snore device

Would be better with the ability to cast teeth impression for stability.

Works good if you get a good mold so it doesn't fall out

I do not want to give a review yet as I have not received my order yet


Have been losing sleep over snoring husband who's tried several products. I have to wear ear plugs & take sleeping aids to get a decent night's rest. Husbands been using this product for the past two weeks, he snores 75% less & I sleep soundly without the use of any aids. First time I havnt had earplugs in or a pillow over my head in years!

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard


I use it evernight .

It works

My wife is happy which makes me happy. My only complaint is that it feels like a retainer and my teeth hurt in the morning, like wearing braces. And use hot water, not boiling hot water! Live and learn

Excellent product

It worked very well for me! Thanks!

I would vote it as the product of the year.

I ordered SleepRx online and got it delivered in 4 days. I started using it since the day I got the parcel. It is a decent quality product and it reduced my snoring completely. It is really a worthy product.

quality product at a quality price tag.

There are many anti-snoring products in the market, that do work well but are having a high price. The best thing that I liked about SleepRx is that it works effectively and is priced reasonably too.

Snoring vanished with regular use.

SleepRx claims to eliminate snoring since its first use. But in my case, I think I did not set it correctly according to my mouth. The first one did not work and so I ordered one more and this time I customized it properly. With regular use, my snoring was gone.