SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

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SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

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Mary Melbye
SleepRX review

According to my husband it works great. There is still a little bit of snoring but a 90% improvement which makes me very happy. I found it a bit cumbersome and awkward to get used to the first night but don't even notice it anymore. I do find that I need to get a drink of water a few times during the night because it does make my mouth very dry but I don't mind. I'm definitely glad I purchased it and would definitely recommend it.

Richard Thibault

SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard

Mark Roybal
Having great results!

I have had Sleep RX mouth guard for 2 weeks and have noticed I have been getting a good nights sleep. My wife has noticed my snoring has been reduced significantly. I have not woken up with a headache or have had to hit the snooze bar several times prior to getting out of bed. I prefer sleeping on my side and occasionally the mouth guard does fall out. My only suggestion is making the breathing hole a little bigger. I have had a stuffed up nose due to a recent cold and could use a little more air flow, it may be the reason the guard has fallen out.

Beth Anderson
This works!

I started snoring quite loudly a few years ago. I decided to try the Sleep Rx first after reading some great reviews. It actually works and only took a couple days to get used to it!


SleepRx™ Snoring Mouth Guard